Thursday, February 18, 2016


In our third grade Geometry Unit, we used our knowledge of geometry to become city planners.  First, we learned about different types of maps and brainstormed ideas for what a city might need.  Then, we "applied" for permits in order to build our cities by demonstrating our knowledge of geometry.  Once we were approved, we drafted maps for four sections.  Our choices for each section were:  downtown, suburbs, city hall, industrial park, public works, business district, city living, entertainment, or park district.  Once our sections were complete, we planned out the best way to put the sections together to create one map.  Then, we got to build 3D shapes to make our city 3-dimensional.  This project was a great way to demonstrate our knowledge of geometry and get to be creative with real-life applications of geometry.  Check out some of our work and finished projects.

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  1. I love the final products! It's nice to see how the plans turned into these great 3D maps. I can tell how hard you all worked to show your knowledge of geometry in this project.
    -Mrs. Kozlowski