Monday, September 21, 2015

A Drove of Decimal Learning

Of all we’ve studied so far in TAG (not that we’ve studied much yet), I suppose that decimals are my favorite things that I have learned (I also think they are very useful).  One of the first things I learned is place value of decimals.  Just like whole numbers, decimals go up all the way to infinity, but in third grade we are only studying the lowest two places, the tenths and hundredths.  Another thing I learned when I was introduced to decimals is to never use the word point before a decimal.  Instead use five and fifteen hundredths.  The most fun decimal project we have done so far was making what decimals our names would translate into.  We did it by filling in the letters of our names on hundredths charts and looking at how many hundredths are being covered.  We wrote the numbers as both fractions and decimals.  The highest letter in my name was .26.

 - Ivan

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