Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Scatterplots and Robots

In class I made a robot and used it to help me create a scatterplot! First, I built a robot with Lego pieces. Then I programmed it to go forward only.  When I finished programming it, I tested it to see if it went far enough. It didn't so I programmed it to go farther.  Now I put it at the starting line and got my stopwatch ready.  I ran it.

It took my robot on average 10.58 seconds to go 3 meters and an average of 2.88 seconds to go .5 meters.  I made a scatterplot to represent the time it took the robot to go from each starting point.  I could tell from my scatterplot that the data was negatively correlated.  The less distance it had to travel, the less time it took to travel.

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