Thursday, March 12, 2015

Measurement Marathon

We participated in a Measurement Marathon.  Some of the events we did were called:  “Long jump”, “Extreme Mini Golf “, “Cup Rush”,” Count Crunch”, “About a Pound” and “How Long?”.  In “Long Jump” you jump your farthest, and then we measure the distance jumped (Hyrum is awesome at that).  In “Extreme Mini Golf” you hit a paper ball with a ruler and then measure the distance that the paper ball went.  In “Cup Rush” you try to fill up a measuring cup with a styrofoam cup (Jessie rocks at that).  In “Count Crunch” you count to 100 as fast as you can and the other person times you, but the other person has to know what you are saying.  In “About a Pound” we tried to find something that weighs about a pound (Melody was closest).  In “How Long?” we had to try to draw a line measuring 7 inches, then a line measuring 1 foot, WITHOUT A RULER!!!!!  It was a lot of fun. 

-Melody, Jessie, and Hyrum

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