Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Dream House

Guess what? We made our very own awesome dream house! It took forever, but it was fun! In fact, was one of the most exciting and best lessons of the entire school year.

     First, we researched the average size of each room. Then we typed the information into a Google spreadsheet. We typed in how many square feet each room was and the cost per square foot. Then we had the computer find the total cost of all the rooms and add them up (we did a lot  of the work though).

     Then we had to cut the rooms from graph paper, each little square representing 1 square foot. Then we arranged the cut out graph paper into what would be the upstairs and downstairs. It was fun designing our own house.

     After all of that work we had to arrange and glue the cutouts on a large green paper. Then we had to make sure that all of the hallways and doorways made sense in size.

     Finally, we made pictures of the front and side view. It was challenging because we are not professional artists, so it was hard to get the house just right. This is how it looked in the end.

   - Anders & Gabe

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