Friday, February 13, 2015

Concept Maps in Brainpop

We’re designing concept maps in Brainpop.  Brainpop concept maps are maps on the computer that help you organize your thinking to answer a question. We were doing fraction concept maps, but we finished those.  Now, we’re doing decimal concept maps.  Mrs.Oehler even let us do a concept map for Writing class.  J and M are now doing concept maps for writing about flowers and volcanoes.

Concept maps are answering so many questions!!!!!!  We've already answered these:
      What is a fourth?
      What is a eighth?
      What is a set?
      What is lava made of?

Here are the current questions:
      What is a decimal?
      Why don’t flowers die right after they’re picked?
      What are the parts of a volcano?
By the time we finish these concept maps we’ll already have new ones! In fact, J already has a new one! How does a lighter make fire?

    - Hyrum, J, and M

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