Friday, February 27, 2015

Our Geometry Passion

In TAG math, we are learning about geometry.  We learned about various shapes and angles.  It is lots of fun!  We also created a web of 2D shapes using to demonstrate how shapes and geometry definitions connect.  I learned that geometry is actually pretty easy when you get used to it and learn more about it!
     - Juliana

Flight Paths

To practice measuring angles, our class measured the angles of different flight paths.  First, we marked the 3 cities that the paper listed and drew lines to them.  Then we got our protractors and measured the angles that the lines formed. We kept doing this with different cities. It was fun to see how ridiculous some flights were. We got our very own maps with the flights on it. It was an awesome project.

Town Map

We made our own town maps using geometry terms that we learned!  One of the maps was of Round Rock, Florida.  The other was of Round Rock, California.  We had to have 3 parallel roads and 2 more roads that intersect those 3 roads to form right angles at the corners.

Then we made all sorts of buildings in different shapes (that was our favorite part)! We also had to make a street intersecting two other streets.

Finally,  we added a few more buildings, a beach, and a lake. Each of the maps took up 2 and ½ sheets of paper! It was amazing! This is what they looked like.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fraction Scavenger Hunt

We did a scavenger hunt where we compared fractions and located fractions on a number line. We used QR codes to check our answers after we solved the problems. We got most of the problems right. It helped us understand fractions better.

     - Hyrum, Jessie, & Melody

Friday, February 13, 2015

Concept Maps in Brainpop

We’re designing concept maps in Brainpop.  Brainpop concept maps are maps on the computer that help you organize your thinking to answer a question. We were doing fraction concept maps, but we finished those.  Now, we’re doing decimal concept maps.  Mrs.Oehler even let us do a concept map for Writing class.  J and M are now doing concept maps for writing about flowers and volcanoes.

Concept maps are answering so many questions!!!!!!  We've already answered these:
      What is a fourth?
      What is a eighth?
      What is a set?
      What is lava made of?

Here are the current questions:
      What is a decimal?
      Why don’t flowers die right after they’re picked?
      What are the parts of a volcano?
By the time we finish these concept maps we’ll already have new ones! In fact, J already has a new one! How does a lighter make fire?

    - Hyrum, J, and M

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Hands On Equations

We used Hands On Equations to model our algebraic equations.  The red cubes represent positive numbers.  The green cubes represent negative numbers.  The blue pawns represent positive variables.  The white  pawns represent negative variables.  The model helped us understand how to solve algebraic equations.  It also helped us work as a group and collaborate with each other.   At the end we all learned and understood algebraic equations.

  - Kary, Cameron, & Nathan

Dream House

Guess what? We made our very own awesome dream house! It took forever, but it was fun! In fact, was one of the most exciting and best lessons of the entire school year.

     First, we researched the average size of each room. Then we typed the information into a Google spreadsheet. We typed in how many square feet each room was and the cost per square foot. Then we had the computer find the total cost of all the rooms and add them up (we did a lot  of the work though).

     Then we had to cut the rooms from graph paper, each little square representing 1 square foot. Then we arranged the cut out graph paper into what would be the upstairs and downstairs. It was fun designing our own house.

     After all of that work we had to arrange and glue the cutouts on a large green paper. Then we had to make sure that all of the hallways and doorways made sense in size.

     Finally, we made pictures of the front and side view. It was challenging because we are not professional artists, so it was hard to get the house just right. This is how it looked in the end.

   - Anders & Gabe

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Graffiti Posters

Today in TAG math we made graffiti posters. It helped us with our algebra and understanding the definitions that go with algebraic relationships. It also made us understand the difference between expressions and equations, and lets us understand symbols and variables.
     - Kennedi, Juliana, Vianey

Future Authors

This morning I unveiled our new class blog.  I am so excited that my students have agreed to coauthor the blog with me.   We got started writing posts "write" away!

Monday, February 2, 2015

My First Post

I have been wanting to start a classroom blog for some time now.  I finally have made myself do it, so here goes nothing!